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Euro Trio feat. Augustino Mutiala (+ jam session)

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Euro Trio

Straight outta Europe, Margherita Fava trio combines the elegance of Italian aesthetics and the swang of american jazz and blues tradition. The sound of these 3 bohemiennes will take you on a journey all the way from the Venetian canals to the  cornfields of the Midwest.

Join us for a formidàble night of music a la americana!

Margherita Fava, piano

Born in the hometown of your favorite sparking wine, Prosecco, Margherita spent her teenage years playing in bars around Italy for inebriated crowds of all ages. After a wild gig played on the night of her 20th birthday, Margherita couldn’t sleep all night. She started the next day with a horrible headache and a clear thought in her mind: she had enough of that. So sorry she packed her keyboard and moved to Michigan to find a new audience and learn how to swing like only Detroit musicians can. 

Guglielmo Crandelli, drums

The Crandelli’s family has been for decades a big name in the Venetian glass industry keeping its lineage for 3 generations. However, Guglielmo’s heart has always been somewhere else far, far away: he spent most of his time as a child listening to music of John Coltrane and began to hit the drum at age 11. At age 17 he was ready to become a professional  and play with the big “cats”. He hasn’t stopped since (even if his family still secretly hopes he’ll change his mind on Venetian glass).

Augustino Mutiala, trumpet

Born in the beautiful Sicilian city of Messina, Augustino learned to play the trumpet practicing for hours and hours in his family owned lemon fields, far away from any complaining neighbors. He wouldn’t consider himself done with his practice time until he would make fall at least 3 lemons on the ground only using the sound of his trumpet and thanks to this intense training he gained a fruity but powerful tone that is going to leave you speechless this Thursday night.

Scøtt Wënte, bass

Native of Denmark, Scøtt moved to Michigan a few years ago because of an argument he had with some fellow jazz musicians back home. After playing a gig in Copenhagen with some “cats” from Detroit, they all started arguing about who gets the roughest winter between Denmark and Michigan. As soon as Scøtt heard the drummer saying:”Man, you people here know nothing about winter man! And you think you got it rough!”, he knew he had to book a one way trip to Michigan and see what they were talking about. Sure enough, he’s here now to play for y’all. Come hear him swing so hard he should be considered as an alternative energy source!

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