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Margherita Fava Trio wsg Randy Napoleone

$5 cover

A special treat for May 8, joining the Margarita Fava Trio we have a master of the guitar, worldwide famous musician and grammy nominated artist: Randolfo “Randy” Napoleone.
His incredible technique is based on countless days and nights he spent on the shores of his hometown, Naples, to entertain tourists and make a little cash. I don’t need to tell you what happened next: between all the tourists passing by randolfo and his guitar, one day a big name in the jazz world that was there on vacation heard him. He was so impressed by the kid’s skills that he wanted him in the band right away.

Born in the hometown of your favorite sparkling wine, Prosecco, Margherita spent her teenage years playing in bars around Italy for inebriated crowds of all ages. After a wild gig played on the night of her 20th birthday, Margherita couldn’t sleep all night. She started the next day with a horrible headache and a clear thought in her mind: she had enough of that. So she packed her keyboard and moved to Michigan to find a new audience and learn how to swing as only Detroit musicians can.

Later Event: May 11
Orquesta RITMO