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Margherita Fava and special guests

$5 cover

Margherita Fava, piano

Born in the hometown of your favorite sparkling wine, Prosecco, Margherita spent her teenage years playing in bars around Italy for inebriated crowds of all ages. After a wild gig played on the night of her 20th birthday, Margherita couldn’t sleep all night. She started the next day with a horrible headache and a clear thought in her mind: she had enough of that. So she packed her keyboard and moved to Michigan to find a new audience and learn how to swing as only Detroit musicians can.

Guglielmo Crandelli, drums

The Crandelli’s family has been for decades a big name in the Venetian glass industry keeping its lineage for 3 generations. However, Guglielmo’s heart has always been somewhere else far, far away: he spent most of his time as a child listening to music of John Coltrane and began to hit the drum at age 11. At age 17 he was ready to become a professional and play with the big “cats”. He hasn’t stopped since (even if his family still secretly hopes he’ll change his mind on Venetian glass).

Lucàs LaFave, bass

Born and bred in the wilderness de la Bourgogne, Lucàs one day got his hands on some Charlie Parker old records in an old dusty French thrift shop and knew right away that wasn’t coincidental found. “I’ve listened to those live sessions over and over again till I couldn’t hear anything but the scratches on the vinyl. They are completely unusable now. I still have them tho” he says. LaFave spent his adolescent years playing bass in a local swing band, allowing him to cultivate the punchy sound and driving time that can be heard in his work with the Margherita Fava Trio.

Band bio:

Straight outta Europe, Margherita Fava trio combines the elegance of Italian aesthetics and the swang of American jazz and blues tradition. The sound of these 3 bohemiennes will take you on a journey all the way from the Venetian canals to the cornfields of the Midwest.

Join us for a formidàble night of music a la Americana!