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CQI Lunch & Learn - with Jim Manley


The Toyota Kata Puzzle Exercise

After many years of lean research, Mike Rother published “Toyota Kata. Toyota Kata is synthesizing thought and behavior in skillful action.  It is metacognition in action. The book describes the meta-skills above lean tools Toyota uses to achieve world leadership in a system most organizations are struggling to emulate.  Toyota Kata is synthesizing thought and behavior in skillful action.  It is metacognition in action. The “Puzzle Exercise” gets you to: 

  • Thinking about your improvement method

  • Compare Toyota Kata approach to your current way of working

  • The idea is to learn by doing, experimenting in a safe environment

  • Have fun with your team

Jim Manley began his career on the production line for General Motors and finished his corporate career as the North American Supply Chain Director for Faurecia.  He held line and staff positions Production Operations, Industrial Engineering, Quality, Finance, and Supply Chain.  During his career with Delphi, Jim worked with manufacturing plants and personnel in 29 countries to implement lean systems.  Jim received the Delphi Corporate Lifetime Lean Achievement Award in 2005. Jim became an adjunct faculty member at Eastern Michigan University in the School of Technology for six years, teaching undergraduate courses in manufacturing innovation and statistical process control. Jim had the rare opportunity to study with Dr. W. Edwards Deming and learned lean “hands on” Toyota at NUMMI during his years with General Motors. After retiring, Jim became an independent consultant working with various clients in a variety of industries, non-profits, and academic organizations. 

Jim was appointed the first Managing Director of the Demmer Center for Business Transformation in the Broad College of Business at Michigan State University in 2012.  In that capacity, Jim taught, coached, and mentored over 60 organizations, 80 MBA students, and 150 undergraduates in various academic majors.  In 2016, Jim was named the Global Director of the COS (Lean) for the Brake and Friction Division of Carlisle Corporation. In 2017, Jim was given additional responsibilities to serve on the Carlisle COS Circle of Colleagues to help refine and implements the lean vision for the Carlisle Enterprise System. In 2017, Jim was promoted to his current position as Global Director for COS.


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