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Tell Yo Mama with Biomassive and Baccano!

Tell Yo Mama is coming back and they're are bringing a few of their friends this time!!!

$10 Doors open at 7:30

Tell Yo Mama is a soulful, funky, groove machine from Lansing, MI. We wanna make "music that moves you"! Tell Yo Mama has the groove sauce that keeps the party going all night - wear some holes in your shoes. The band has a wide range of stylistically diverse original music, delving into aspects of soul, funk, rock, blues and much more. As our world moves through timeless cyclical patterns of recurrence and change, one thing remains the sameā€¦ PEOPLE LOVE TO DANCE! People love to get down to great music and forget about their daily struggles, even if just for a little while. Tell Yo Mama is here to carry the torch and continue the legacy of creative, groove heavy tunes.

This anomalous Northern Michigan band redefines the sound of the electronic genre. A progressive jam band, Biomassive blends the organic feel of real-time music with deep, intelligent beats of their ground shaking sub bass mechanics. Since its genesis in 2012, Biomassive has fused electronic and progressive rock to arrive at an unparalleled sound.

The name biomassive is more than just a name. We believe in a better earth for our fellow earthlings. While teaming up with the permaculture action network and progressive prolonged involvement in several ongoing sustainable projects.

We hope to continue to bridge the gap between sustainable lifestyles and music.

since 2014 we've been actively involved in permaculture action days spanning throughout Michigan and Illinois.

Keep up to date with the action network

Baccano began developing their sound in summer of 2014 in Toledo, OH. Their collective roots have culminated an amalgamation of genre's within their music. A sound best described as closely related to that of Umphrey's Mcgee, Tauk or Dopapod, Baccano can go from progressive rock to funk on the drop of a dime, all while peppering in a range of styles by drawing influences from King Crimson and other classic artists.

Baccano recently released a new live studio full length album titled "Best Eggs" as well as live studio music videos to capture Baccano's essence in its current state, though, ever-evolving. After an early summer tour, they are back in the writing process while still playing shows in and around Ohio on a consistent basis. Showing no signs of stopping, Baccano is pushing their way into markets outside of Ohio in quick fashion as venues, bars, and fans all take notice of their showstopping performances.

After having performed alonside top-tier regional and national acts such as Desmond Jones, Flexadecibel, Subterranean, Joe Marcinek Band, Conscious Pilot, Zoo Trippin', Glostik Willy, Ekoostik Hookah, Melophobix and more, Baccano seeks to leave their footprint in the festival circuit in 2019.

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