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The Path to a Brilliant Business - Clear and Compelling Vision - Building a Strong Foundation for Success

  • UrbanBeat Event Center 1213 Turner Street Lansing, MI, 48906 United States (map)

The Path to a Brilliant Business

 Powerful Insights and Pragmatic Tools

Are you a solopreneur? Being in it alone can be very lonely and difficult. If your business is OK, but you want it to be great and get over the "hump" then these seminars are for you. In this series, we teach fundamental insights and simple implementation tools that will enable you to get what you want more quickly with less pain and agony.

We use EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) as a set of mechanisms to implement the insights and practices we teach that will ensure you get what you want out of your business. EOS is a complete system of simple tools that drive three things; Vision, Traction and Team Health. Vision is getting everyone in your company the same crystal clear, powerful vision of where you are going and how you are going to get there. Traction is radically improving the Discipline and Accountability in your company. Team Health is advancing your company as a High Performing team.

May 8  Clear and Compelling Vision - Building a Strong Foundation for Success

Most businesses are built on a shaky foundation. A business can only be as solid as your definition of it. Sadly, most businesses are not defined crisply or powerfully. Do you have a difficult time creating your “Elevator Pitch”? If you can’t describe your business to a potential client, how can you hope to get the amount of business that you want? Clarity does not come from picking words it comes from artfully “Constituting” your business. Join us to learn the specific path to defining your business with the clarity that will give you the confidence you need and will get you more customers and ultimately the results you want from your business.

June 12 YOU are the Engine - Get a Tune-up

Do you have the energy and the drive and the personal vision to be the force of change for your business? Most business owners have not developed the personal vision required to give context to your business vision. A business is a tool to enable you to get what you want out of life. Do you know what you want? If you are normal, it is pretty fuzzy. Join us to make a clear assessment and start to develop the clarity of your personal goals to enable you to be the Engine that you need to be to build a brilliant business.

July 10 Your Marketing Sucks!

You know it does, but you are not sure what to do about it. Most companies meander about without a clear marketing strategy. If you are normal you have developed a lot of tools (business cards, website, brochure), but you are not really clear on who your market is, what you do for them or how you are going to get your message to them. We will show you the way to get clarity and have a strategy that is clear and actionable.

August 14 Referral Marketing Mastery

Do you get more than 50% of your new clients from referrals? Are you managing your referral practices as responsibly as you do your other business components? Probably not. Most people are very casual about their design and practices around Referral Marketing. Learn how to be rigorous and increase the number of leads you get from referral partners.

Sept 11 Hiring Brilliantly

Do you need to hire people for your company? Most people learn excruciating lessons in their hiring. Learn the fundamentals of making sure you get the Right People in the Right Seats so that you get the return you need out of your new investment.

Oct 9 Staying Focused and Disciplined

We all know that we need to work “On” our business not just “In” our business. It is not enough to set goal and to define a vision, you also have to execute. While we are usually pretty good at keeping our commitments to customers, we often do not stay focused on the strategic work in your business. Learn how to increase your discipline and accountability, keep moving your business forward and achieve your long term goals.

Nov 13 Digital Marketing

Can you sell your product or service through the internet? Are you doing that well? If you are normal then you could radically improve your Digital Marketing. Learn how to develop a powerful Digital Marketing Strategy. Understand the components of Digital Marketing and understand where to put your attention and get the results you desire.

Kevin Suboski's Background

You know the neighborhood kid with the table in his yard? That was Kevin. He sold candy bars to kids because the margins and turnover were much better than selling lemonade to their parents.

Later, he took that passion for entrepreneurship to big companies like EDS and Sun Microsystems helping to lead and organize their IT people. Kevin’s business exploited this opening in the market to better structure IT people to drive collaboration. While growing his business to 30 people with great margins was very satisfying he found he much preferred the heart and soul of small business.

In his obsession to succeed with his business and help his clients, Kevin explored and applied fundamentals of biology, linguistics, and philosophy. He took those insights to small and medium-sized business owners so they could get the benefits too. When he found Traction and learned of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), he knew that he could bring those powerful insights much more quickly and easily to his clients.

Kevin’s love for Entrepreneurs/Innovators/Visionaries has been the driving force in his career. He is serving those people by helping them free themselves by bringing insights and practical, pragmatic tools.

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